Wednesday, November 28, 2007


So I love Philly! I had such a blast there this weekend! My friend Ela (whom last I saw/met was in 2000 for about 2 weeks at a harceski Zlot) goes toUPenn and she invited me to come out for a weekend so we could catch up and hang out. I got there early Saturday afternoon and her and her friend (also polish) Sebastian picked me up from the train station and we had lunch and went tailgating at Villanova University (she went there for her undergrad its also in Philly) we just walked around and yelled at people from the opposing team mostly. She is in some dental fraternity thing and they had this whole dinner thing at this really fancy club house, she took me and Sebastian as her dates. There were rooms with all these presidential paintings and stuff. There was a wedding going on across the hall from the dinner so we snooped around and made our way to the open bar and then the dance floor. The professional photog even took pictures of us dancing and stuff. It was great! And afterwards the fraternity hosted an open grey goose cocktail and dessert party at some bar/lounge in the downtown area of Philly. It was great there was dancing and lots of boozing.
Sunday we walked around the historic parts I saw the liberty bell, the rocky stairs, and some other cool buildings. The weather was pretty shitty so we just ended up walking around the UPenn area grabbed tea, went to kosciol, and then headed to a bar. I barely made my train back to New York.
This weekend was so fun! And it was great re-sparking an old friendship! Ela kind of reminds me of Aggie so you can only imaging what kind of ridiculousness went on those two days. Way fun!

New York Knick's

So I went out for drinks with this boy, lets call him Texas, (I met him at a bar on a random Sunday afternoon while watching the Patriots game) and a lady walks up to us gives us 2 bud lights and 4 tickets to the Friday night Knick's game and asks us to take a picture with the stuff she gave us. Pretty cool! So That Friday Filip, Texas, Kelley (Filip's co-worker), and I go to the game. It was a pretty good time we sat in the last possible row and Filip harassed the little 10 year old girls in front of us for sushi and nachos! Afterwards we went out to an Irish pub and then to a Hookah bar. I danced with the belly dancer trying really hard to imitate her but ended up looking like the drunken fool I was! It was fun though! And then on Saturday I went to this girl Viola's 21st b-day party in Williamsburg. Didn't know her but knew people she knew. It was so much fun I got to see a lot of people I haven't seen since ZLOT 2000, which is always trippy! All in all it was a good fun weekend of partying!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Holy Halloween Batman!

So Halloween ended up to be a blast! We just walked around the streets of the West Village harassing people and taking pictures with rndoms! So many cool costumes out there! Buddy the Elf made my night! "Santa's Coming?? I know him! I know him!" I have a lot more pictures on my face book account so go there and check them out! We had people over for a pre party and had some fun on the fire escape. Somehow just because i dressed up as a cat and the boys did a batman robin thing i was automatically assumed to be cat woman!

NYC Bike Tour

Really starting to miss going biking with Jen and Mariusz up and down PCH, I decided that I was going to rent a bike and go ride around the green path which goes around the whole island of Manhattan! Filip and I ended up getting up pretty early on Sunday and what better to cure a hang over then to strap on a helmet and go ride about 30 miles! It was such a beautiful day! It wasn't too hot and there wasn't a cloud in the sky! I love the west side. Its so much prettier and greener then the east side. We stopped a few times to rest and took a few pics. We witnessed a Costume Dog Show... the things people do to their animals is beyond crazy! poor puppies! Also we stopped to watch a lacrosse game, Filip stopped to see where he can sign up and play, I stopped to look at sweaty boys running around with big sticks! it was fun. by the time we got back we were completely dead. It took us about 4 hours with all our stops and breaks in between. I can't wait until spring time so I can do it again!

Polish Parade!

So the first weekend I'm in the city there happens to also be a polish parade down 5th ave! How awesome is that! I went to kosciol at st. Patrick's and after went to check out the parada! it was pretty cool never knew there were so many polish people on the east cost! it was quite exciting! I met up with Wesley, Plastus, Michal and Allie! It was a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Monday, November 26, 2007


Kasia lives in Greenpoint which is a total polish community! The place is great because it has everything polish (laundry, markets, people) its as if you are in polska! Kasia is from Detroit I met her long ago during World Youth Day in 2002. Gotta love the way Harcerstwo brings people together. We have gone to U of Michigan bars to watch games and she works on the same street I live on so we see each other quite frequently.

My Roommate...

... is awesome! Filip and I get along so great together and we seem to have a blast doing stuff together. We don't do food well together, whether its going out for dinner or going grocery shopping, we seem to have bad luck when we go together. Other them that he is always fun and energetic and is a great companion to have in a city where I don't know too many people!

Grocery Shopping

One thing that will definitely take some getting used to will be grocery shopping. There are no decent supermarkets on this Island!!! Everything is crazy expensive and organic! There is a Whole Foods on almost every corner and only one Trader Joes. I miss Vons! So the other day Filip and I went to Trader Joes the place was so packed that it took us almost an hour to load up our shopping carts! And then we saw the line which was woven in and out of aisles (hence why it took so long to get around) we both were so tired and decided it wasn't worth it to wait so we opted to leave our carts and go to Whole Foods instead. We were very slick in leaving the carts full without anyone noticing and yelling at us. We got to whole foods and by this time we were both tired and so over it that we just ended up going to get smoothies next door and taking the subway back home. This is why I have been eating peanut Butter and Jelly out of the jar for the past two days! I am going to attempt to go again tonight, but this time I am going to go right before the place closes! Or I might just get lazy and do what appears is the New Yorkers way of shopping: Order Groceries online and have them delivered to my door. There are fantastic Farmer's Markets on Sunday so I will buy my fruits and veggies there.

The New Home

I moved into a small room in a very nice apartment in SoHo on Wednesday, October 3rd. it is right across from the new (still under construction) Trump Soho Condos. The area is awesome there are shops and restaurants galore! I'm about two blocks from the Hudson River which has this really cool bike/pedestrian path that goes along it. I'm living with an old friend whom I know through harcerstwo (polish scouts) and another guy and girl. We all seem to get along great and everyone is really nice! The coolest part about my new apartment is that it is a hip, skip, and hop away from like 20 bars! I could probably jump out of one of the windows and land on a bar stool! I have my own room (tiny) and a window! The catch is that about 1 foot outside my window is a brick wall it's a pretty awesome view! Haha but I love the ridiculousness of it! It's basically just there so the air conditioner can work properly. Its pretty great when I want to sleep in on the weekend cause its like a little hide out cave and I don't hear any of the street traffic so I sleep in piece. The rest of the apartment is pretty bitching! The living room is big and we have a great entertainment system which makes watching football pretty phenomenal also we have DVR so I can record my shows! We even have a make shift balcony that you enter by exiting the living room through the window. We are on the same level where the scaffolding that is out in front of the building stops so the roomies put out a table and chairs out so you can just chill out there!

Moving Day

After a dreadful two weeks I got an offer from one of the companies I interviewed for and the offered what I wanted and anticipated. It was quite exciting. Except now I had to find a roommate and a place to live all within weeks. Stressed and confused I decided to set up a few meetings with people from Craig’s list and I decided I would stay with my friend in Greenpoint for a couple days while I find something. Two days before my one way flight I got news that a friend had an open room in his SoHo apartment and that I can move in there that week. Everything just sort of fell into place! This made me more at ease as I flew across the country. Saying goodbye to my family and friends was a lot harder then I expected especially when I realized that I wouldn’t be seeing them until the end of December.


After returning home from Europe I went straight into researching job opportunities in New York. After about 3 weeks of strenuous Googling I managed to set up interviews with 5 different firms and booked my flight from LAX to JFK for September 11th. Mind you I have not been to New York since I was 10 years old. After 3 days of extensive interviews Crystal flew out to hang out with me for the weekend so we could explore the city. We walked EVERYWHERE and a few drunken nights at a karaoke bar and even made it out to Jersey. All in all it was a very successful trip.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Start of Something New

So this blog is basically for me to track the events that are happening in my life after graduating from college. I have some catching up to do since lots of things have happened since June 1st. The long Thanksgiving weekend is coming up so that is one of my priority to-do things.