Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sober September Update #3

So last weeked I had a little bit of trouble with the "sober" part of September... I believe it all started with a tequilla shot! hehe but no worries i felt fine the next day and had a fantastic time! Piotrek, Ania and I went to BB Kings to listen to some jazz and then booty shake for Tiffany's birthday! Then we went to Brass Monkey and bumped into Mike and his friends so we finished off the night there and were pressured to leave due to Peter's hunger! Damn, that boy is not happy when hungry at 4am!

Got some studying time in on Sunday, it was such a nice day so I took my book and read by the Hudson River. Very pleasant!

Friday, September 19, 2008


Anna is officially in NYC! so fun having Cali people in the city! makes it that much more funa nd interesting. now lets hope she stays longer then 30 days...

Sober September Update #2

Have been doing pretty good with this whole sober thing! I have had a few drinks here and there but very minimal. If I go out then I limit myself to two beers, and so far its been pretty good. Mickey Gajewski is in town this week and he is a huge beer enthusiast so I tasted some beers with him at the Blind Tiger my favorite was this pumpkin flavored beer. it tasted and smelled like pumpkin pie! mmmm...

I have been more active! Last weekend I went to the gym on both Saturday and Sunday. This week has been a little rough since I have worked pretty late and had guests. I haven't committed to studying as much as I would like but I have done some reading. I think I am going to try to go to Columbia University next fall for masters. I have great connections through work; all my coworkers are somewhat involved with the university and said they would give me recommendations. Now I just have to figure out which direction I would want to go: technical or managerial.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ants, Genitalia, Chinese Art & the Rockefellers

Had a very cultural weekend went to the MoMa on Saturday and to the Rockefeller Estate on Sunday.

Things I learned about Dali at the MoMa on Saturday:

1. His main passion was film
2. His drawings and paintings were mostly used to conceptualize ideas for his films
3. He liked ants 
4. He liked ants crawling out of body parts (esp. hands)
5. He liked to paint/draw things out of genitalia
6. He was into guys on bikes with orbs/rocks on their heads
7. He must have taken many hallucinogenic drugs

Things I learned about the Rockefellers:

1. Ridiculously Rich
2. Liked to golf
3. Collected lots of Chinese Art
4. Enjoyed Tiffany glass
5. The senior Rockefellers where strict baptists and didn't party AT ALL!
6. Grandson (Nelson) changes the whole not partying thing
7. Had lots of money and time to make tree branches grow up (not to the sides) in order to preserve the views of the hudson.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Sober September Update #1

So far so good! I haven't drank any alcohol since Sept. 1st! woo hoo! Its actually easier then I thought! I went out after my soccer game (I play for FC Stantec!) with the team and i drank water and kicked ass in shuffle board! it was fun times!

I have yet to start studying for the LEED AP test though... maybe I will start that tonight. Tomorrow OG and I are going to go check out the Dali exhibit at the Moma and go shopping after... its supposed to be shitty weather tomorrow so it will be nice to do indoor activities.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sober September

I am not drinking alcohol for the whole month of September! DON'T TEMPT ME!!

Things to accomplish this month:

1. Be more active
2. Prepare for the LEED AP exam
3. Figure out things to do in the city that don't involve alcohol
4. Start thinking about Master programs


I could have not asked for a better labor day weekend! Right before leaving for the game (Pats vs. Giants) I checked one last time to see how much a RT ticket to Cali would cost for the weekend. This time I went to and SHOCKER only $278 ($327 w/ tax and fee)!! So with a shaky hand I give Mariusz a call and tell him to arrange for an airport pick up and a ride to Mono Hot Springs as I fill in the empty boxes and provide my credit card number and click SUBMIT!  Next thing you know I am in my apt slightly buzzed from the game doing laundry, cleaning and packing! 

I shocked the hell out of my mom! I really did! She had no idea I was coming home! We went down to Main St. got ice cream and walked the HB pier. It was so nice to see her and be able to spend those few hours with her! 

Mono Hot Springs = Tim
e of my life! every single trip to that place has never left me disappointed! No matter how many romances sparked or heartaches endured, time in Mono is a m
agical thing that only leaves you wanting to cry as you drive down the beautiful mountain back to the reality that is life. I will at some point, and I will make sure I stand to this promise, spend two weeks to a month exploring the area and falling in love with it all over again! I will first have to recruit at least one more person to take this mini life break preferab
ly someone that can make splints out of sticks and a husta and who isn't opposed to drinking iodine tablet water, oh ZHP how I miss you! 
Coming back to the city after being in Mono left me in a bit of a funk... don't know if it was just my liver trying to recoup or if the crazy of the city was a shock to my system after the serenity of it all. Though once Sunday came 
along I was back to "happy Asia" not only was football back full force but the day was gorgeous and I was able to sneak a bit of a tanning session and get some color before the cold starts to creep in!