Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidays from your Madison Ave Girls

Happy Holidays to you all! I wish for all of you to be smothered with love, good food, and lots of presents this holiday season!


asia and the apple

Monday, December 21, 2009

First Real Snow This Season

This weekend was maybe one of the better ones this year! I got a Christmas tree on Friday… and by got I mean dragged one home from Washington Heights in the middle of the night! It snowed all day Saturday and the city was just amazing in all the white flurries falling from the sky! And Sunday the day was bright and white all around! It was truly an amazing weekend and I swear God engineered it all for me and the sake of my happiness!


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Phil's Birthday/ Indian Street Food/Robin Williams

Filipek's birthday was this week so to celebrate we went to a dinner and a show... the dinner was at the Biryani Street Cart (winner of the 2009 Vendi Awards) it was DELISH!!! then we went to town hall to see Robin Williams stand up show! HILARIOUS! there was some good toilet humor... one i enjoyed in particular was him descirbing his idea of a human poo powered car and how a bean burrito would get him from LA to Manhattan!

We finished off the night at EPSN Zone with drinks and using up the rest of the points on Phil's game card that he got a couple months ago... i realized that i truly suck at games... well air hockey and car racing i can still hold my own... the other stuff not so much.


Totally forgot to mention that there was falafel involved this past weekend...
Set the effin catapult! Son of a Tit! You're a little asshole chucka! Slappin' the Bass! Those fish tacos are the tits! Big time! SUCK IT! Half a cup!

Thanksgiving Shit Show

Thanksgiving weekend was a total shit show! Started with the parade and ended up in a three way bitch slap fight! Good Times! Anna and I made ourselves a delish dinner, drank beer and watched movies, Agita got into town early Friday morning and we started off with a bang and kept going 100mph for the rest of the weekend. The whole weekend was a mix of quotes from "Land of the Lost" and "I Love You, Man" spiked peppermint mochas, bud light, jager, and cupcakes. Weekends/weeks when Agita comes to visit are always guaranteed fun and always end with a hangover. Can't wait for New Years 2010! And HUGE discovery of the weekend was: Anna can totally hang!! who woulda guessed...