Sunday, April 26, 2009

Vegas Baby

What was originally planned as a girls weekend turned into an asia/archie weekend! I flew in to vegas at 11:30pm archie picked me up from the airport and we went straight to luxor for a night of bar/club hopping. Saturday we pool hopped and eventually ended up at carnival court with the crazy bartenders who balance 10 bottles of jager on their head while walking around the bar!

After a whole day of catching up and drinking we met up with archies friends at rain where the guest dj was paul oakenfoul (sp chk?) The music was awesome! And they had crazy trapeze dancers above the dance floor! We ended the night at ghost bar which overlooks all of vegas. I tried to dance off as much of the alcohol as possible and it seemed to work because now I am sitting poolside at the luxor and feel fantastic. A little dehydrated but feeling good!

Viva Las Vegas!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Coney Island

This past weekend was gorgeous and warm! Friday night was the season opener for Stantec softball in central park! I played 2nd base; I made a few great catches and some nice hits! On saturday I made plans with OG and a few coworkers to go on a bike ride to Coney Island! Sooo fun! We ate hot dogs and drank beer on the boardwalk... Didn't get to get on any of the rides but I will def have to go back and do so!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

bye bye camera

While on a pleasant bike ride around Manhattan two weeks ago with a few of my co-workers I took amazing self-timer pictures of the group! It was a beautiful day, slightly windy but perfect riding weather! We stopped at the lighhouse underneath the George Washington Bridge and snapped a few more photos. Then we headed of to Inwood park where you can see the Bronx right across the river. As I reached into my backpack i realized that I have left my camera on one of the picnic tables by the lighthouse. We rode back as fast as possible but the camera already vanished... :( poop!

Bootcamp Update

I am halfway thru week 2 of bootcamp! The first week was KILLER! After day 3 I couldn't cough because my abs hurt so much and I walked with a limp. yup a limp. but after going to hot yoga over the weekend I feel much better and don't dread the 4:45am wake up as much.

The camp itself is really fun. Though I do curse god from time to time mid push up, after its all said and done with it's not that bad. We do a lot of running around to keep our heart rates up in between doing core exercises like push ups, planks, mountain climbers, sit ups, lunges, and squats.

The one thing I struggle the most in is push-ups... Being a waterpolo player/swimmer we never had to do push ups so I look like a complete idiot doing them!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

First Signs of Spring

It seems like Spring is really taking its time to share it self with us! it wasn't until this past weekend in Pennsilvania Country that I saw first signs of spring's color: an iris flower poking through the dead of winter. And yesterday while walking home from work, yes its finally getting warm enough to walk around outside, I saw daffodils scattered through a small park! Spring in New York has got to be the most beautiful season! There are thousands of daffodils and tulips spilling out of flower pots along the street, coating fields in Central Park and patching the dead ground in little parks through out the city! Can't wait to sit outside a brunch spot, sip on a mimosa and take it all in!

Shinny New Bicycle

I bought a new bicylce yesterday! Its so pretty and I can't wait to ride it all summer long! Olga and I got a pretty sweet deal yesterday as we put our negotiating skills to the test... I get to pick up my new wheels on Saturday morning! I don't entirely know exactly where I will store my new bike but those are just details I can figure out later! Last year I participated in the 5 boro bike tour and I am all signed up to do it again this year, May 3rd! Also, in an effort to be more active a few of us from the office have decided to organize rides during the weekend. One plan is to ride out to Long Beach on a random Saturday and go to the beach! Probably would be wise to do so before it gets too hot...