Thursday, October 30, 2008

Boozy Brunch

My favorite Sunday activity in the city has definitely got to be the boozy brunch! I got this in an email once and thought I would share... I will do my best to try all and report back on the experiance! now, which one to hit up first...

788 UNION ST, NY 11215, USA
$14.95 brunch with unlimited champagne or mimosas

The Sunburnt Cow
137 NEW YORK AVE, NY 11213, USA
$15 brunch with unlimited "moo-mosas" or "moo-marys"

Bondi Road
$15 for brunch with unlimited mimosas or bloody marys

120 ESSEX ST, NEW YORK, NY 10002
$16 for an entree with 3 bloody marys, screwdrivers or mimosas. After that, each drink is $3.

Maria's Mexican Bistro
669 UNION ST, NY 11215, USA
$9.95 for brunch with unlimited bloody marys, mimosas, or bellinis

Calle Ocho

Unlimited jugs of white or red sangria.

523 9TH AVE, NEW YORK, NY 10018
Unlimited bloody marys, mimosas, screwdrivers, bellinis, or champagne for a "low, set price" with an entree.

Sotto Voce
225 7TH AVE, NY 11215, USA
$12 gets unlimited mimosas and pound cake.

Waterstone Grill
$10 + entree gets unlimited bloody marys, mimosas, and champagne.

$14.95 for unlimited bloody marys, mimosas, and margaritas

Arte Cafe
106 W 73RD ST, NEW YORK, NY 10023
$10 + entree gets unlimited champagne, mimosa, screwdriver, bloody mary, peach bellini, or strawberry sangria.

Umbrella Bat

So its one day away from Halloween and I have NO CLUE of what I am going to dress up as! I have in my closet "emergency" costumes (sex kitten and naughty school girl) but I really don't want to resort to using them... so I found the umbrella bat idea online... I'm strongly considering it... though I am a little skeptical... i need to figure out how to make it work first...

Sunny Cold Days

It is FREEZING outside... and I decided to wear a skirt to work... go figure! But when walking from Park Ave over to my office after my morning meeting, between trying to battle the crispness of the wind blowing up my skirt and making sure my scarf is positioned correctly and covering all exposed skin on my neck, I looked up and smiled! :) Today is one of those amazing days in the city where the low temperatures and winds are full force yet the sun is shining brightly and there is no cloud in the sky! It’s a beautiful day!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yay me!

Don't mean to brag or anything but: I kind of kick ass!

I have been working 10 to 12 hour days for the past few days and I led a very successful meeting today! Yay me! All were impressed: Client (the one that I swear hates me!), Architects, and my boss! woo hoo! I had to coordinate and work around 15 people's schedules to get them to deliver the final product... Still have 2 more people I need to track down and "professionally beg" to do stuff and it will be a complete success. Things learned during this process:


side note: I should have become an dolphin trainer at least I can convince them to do stuff by dangling food in front of them!

After jumping through all the hoops and dodging the wrenches thrown all the hard work did show in the end, now... how do I do what I did within 8 hour work days not 12 and also with a lunch break... hmmm....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Szajda of a Weekend

This past weekend I was invited to go up to Connecticutt to hang with Filip's Familia and attend the 50-cie Lecie Harcerstwa w New Britan, CT zabawa. It was such a great weekend! I drove up with Pawela and Marina I have never been to CT so the drive was really interesting and fun! It is full on Fall here so all the tree leaves have turned colors and it is so beautiful especially when driving on roads lined with trees!

Filip's whole family got together for this event so we had a full house and you could see how ridiculously happy Mama and Tata were to have all of their kids + 1 grandkid under one roof!
We had a great time at the zabawa and even got to sing a few of my favorite Harcerskie songs at the "kominek" before hand. Kind of made me miss my mundur and LA harcerki! I saw Druhna Backiel who was komendantka of my Kurs in Wisconsin back in 2001! At the end of our 2 week lesbo-fest (the camp was girls only and we got to see boys only one weekend) she gave us these tiny wrapped gifts with a bow and a little note attached to it. I forget what the note says but it was somewhere along the lines of how these memories and friendships we formed during our time together were worth more then any materialistic item that could be wrapped and put in a box. I told her I still had my "gift" and that I really appreciated those 2 weeks!

Sunday we all went to church, hung out at dziadek's house and then went out to lunch for Chinese. It was such a nice weekend and being around Filip's family made me miss mine so much! I can't wait for Christmas!!

Also Adam's and Jenny's little man Tyler is so precious! He just gets cuter each time I see him!!

Wierd Nuggets

Friday Night I met up with some co-workers at Zum Schneider Renatka, Kasia and Wes came too! Its a really fun German beer hall on the lower east side with ginormous steins of yummy beer and lots of greasy sausage! mmmmm....

We then packed into a eric's car and went to Fiddlesticks. After escaping the College Crowd (I am positive I saw high schoolers as well!!) we past by a store window with this moving chicken nuggets... they were dipping themselves into BBQ sauce! DISTURBING!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008


Just bought my plane ticket to Thailand!! I will be flying out of JFK January 21st and Flying back February 8th! woo hoo!

Fuck Shoes!

Last night Anna and I got to witness something truely amazing! note: we are totally going to hell!

We were walking on 23rd and Lex yesterday and saw a woman get hit HARD by a bicyclist... and then noticed that her SHOE FELL OFF!

"Has any one seen my shoes? I kicked them off in a fit of joy! I'm going to go over here and puke shards of my own pelvis out!"

For the record we did try to help! I stood in the middle of the street and stopped the oncoming traffic until they moved to the sidewalk. So maybe we aren't going to hell so soon!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

breezy office

so a couple weeks ago while watching Ugly Betty I was making fun of a scene where one of the actresses was sitting in an office with all windows closed and her hair was slightly being blown away...

My hair is blowing around and there is no open window or fan in site!!!!!!!! I am sitting in a cubicle people! wtf?


I think I like a boy... but I don't think he feels the same way... poop!

The Start of Visitor Season

Mariusz and Archie came to visit me this past weekend! I had such a crazy week at work and didn't have any time to plan for their arrival but on Friday the genious in me pulled out lots of fun activities to entertain them with! Friday night we went to Live Bait by my work for Happy Hour and then we had drinks and Appetizers at 230 5th which is an awesome rooftop bar/lounge thats open year round. They had hooded robes and blankets since it was a chilly night! We then ordered Ben's Pizza and ate it at my place while chatting and relaxing! Then we hopped on the L and went to Williamsburg and ended up dancing the night away in our socks in Chrissy's bedroom! very fun!

Saturday after sleeping off our hang overs we went wine tasting around the West Village! Then we met up with Pawel and Marina and caught up at Daddy-O then we walked to East Soho to meet the rest of the fun party people at Moomia for sushi and hookah! We then ended the night at the UBER polish KLUB EXIT in greenpoint! Insane!

Sunday we did boozy brunch at Benny's Burrito in the West Village! So fun $10 for a GIANT brunch and unlimited mimosas! can't beat it! it was sunny and slightly warm so we opted to sit outside and people watch! it was a great idea everyone seemed to enjoy themselves! I had to run to work for a few hours while the rest went to central park. I then met up with them at a polish bar/restaurant on the East side Klimat. It's such a cool atmposphere inside (no pun intended) they have these huge wooden benches that you could swear came straight from Rynek in Krakow!

All in all it was a great weekend! I was really sad when the boys left. Michal is getting shipped off to the middle east in April I want to cry each time I think about it! I hope to see him again before he leaves!

Crytal is coming to visit in a few weeks so I am excited about that! I <3 visitors!

The end of warmth...

Yesterday marks the end of warm weather! Its all going down hill from now! I just pulled out all my winter coats last night from under the bed! and today I wore the scarf and hat my mama made me for christmas last year! I also pulled out my electric heater cause my cubicle at work feels like a meat locker!!!

On the up side the sun is still shinning! I love sunny crisp days!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Review time

Today is my review for work. I'm freaking out a bit! What are my long/short term career goals???? I don't know! how about I don't like what I am doing now and just want to learn as much from it as possible so I can apply my knowledge to something else??????? ugh!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Amish spotting and apple picking

This past weekend Filip, Piotrek and I made a dash out of the city on Friday night and drove to Lebanon, PA to visit Adam, Jenny and baby Tyler. When we got there around midnight we found pumpkin and chocolate chip muffins waiting for us and a note saying "welcome to the country!"

We woke up the next day to the smell of banana pancakes and the sounds of baby Tyler pushing around his new truck! After breakfast we explored around the barn and had some photo ops with the John Deere lawn mower, which I got to ride around in later. Who knew going 5 mph around the lawn would be so much fun! We then went to the tractor supply store and the farmers market! During the afternoon we met up with Jenny's co-worker, whose father owns an orchard and went driving around in an old school pick up truck with no overhead cab and picked bags full of apples, which we later made pie and crisps with! On our way back from the orchard we went Amish spotting but weren't fortunate to see any, only evidence we found was fresh horse manure on the side of the road, so we must have missed them by only a few minutes! maybe next time. After our delish dinner we rolled outdoors and had a bonfire and ate smores! *note: this weekend pretty much revolved around food.

On Sunday we pilled into the Pacifica like the big happy family we were and went to church. Then it was off to the Renaissance Faire with "me lords" where we harassed a few wenches during wine tasting and gobbled down giant turkey legs while cheering for the English at the jousting tournament! We finished off the faire drinking ale and watching the off beat explicit comedy shows which involved lots of inappropriate sexual humor! Who knew the renaissance fair could be so raunchy!

We got back to the city just in time to watch Entourage and Californiacation! All in all a fantastic weekend! Its nice to get out of the city, especially now that the weather is a little crisp and the leaves are starting to change colors!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Things I don't like

People with BIG umbrellas make me angry!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Jersey!

Things I learned about New Jersey:

1. It seems so close yet is so far away
2. The road signs are NOT always right
3. The road signs are sometimes missing
4. The speed limit is a variable and changes frequently, making it very confusing for drivers from normal states (lets say California) to abide by the law; resulting in a speeding ticket... I wonder how much it will cost me...
5. The whole toll thing is just annoying
6. Middle aged people drive as if they were in their 80's... hmmm maybe they should look into lowering their age limit for driver license holders

... to be continued...

all in all I drove out to Jersey today for work and got lost and got a ticket and was a little upset with the state... off to celebrate October 1st right! Bar hopping in Brooklyn! woo hoo!