Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tendi what?

Last week I went Snowboarding on Sat and Sun, ran 12 miles on Monday evening, ran 5 miles on Thursday and after the 5 mile run couldn't walk home with out having EXTREME pain shoot up my right foot! I don't know how i got to work on Friday but had my co worker bring me crutches and working at a Hospital definitely has its perks cause I was able to get a podiatrist appointment within one hour of calling the doctors office!

My doctor is one of the head podiatrist for the NY Road Runners and a runner himself! Cute but married! STORY OF MY LIFE! After him feeling up my foot and getting an xray the verdict is that I have Tendinitis! Woop woop! Basically he put me in a soft cast and told me to keep it on for five days and to not get it wet… (showering has turned into quite the plastic bag experience) he prescribed anti inflammatory pills and physical therapy for 4-6 weeks. He said that I should be OK to do the marathon and that I can cross train… I might have to get the bike out and I can do the elliptical as long as I stay off my toes. He also recommended foot insoles which I have to go buy and bring back to him with my sneakers next week and he will help set them in for me.

i also don’t need crutches (thank god cause my armpits started to swell from just going down the hall) and can apply pressure to it… so I look a little gimpy but hopefully all will be well in two weeks and I can run in the marathon!

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