Friday, November 13, 2009

its been a while...

...since my last post. sometime around the end of May work got crazy hectic as my project was nearing completion. May thru September was basically a sprint at the end of a two year marathon. Once that finish line was crossed and the Red Ribbon was cut (by a CEO and a senator of Jersey) i have been in recovery mode.

To make this short since my last entry here is a list of significant happenings in my life:

- My 25th Birthday

- My mother's 50th Birthday

- Labor Day weekend Szajda wedding

- Started new projects at Columbia University Medical Center

- Developed a crazy allergic reaction to my contact lenses

- Agita visited and we went to the Jay Z VMA afterparty

- Had an EXCELLENT review at work

- Met a nice boy...

- Celebrated 2 YEARS in NYC!

- Poconos for Kimmy's engagement party

- Gaby's wedding!

- Basita's Baby Shower!

- Told my boss about my traveling plans

- ... so called "nice boy" stopped calling...

- Agita ran IN the NY Marathon!

- Finally went to Boston!

- Started running in hopes to be able to run a half marathon in March! (thank you Agita for the inspiration and showing me that you can run marathons and still have a drinking fun social life!)

So all in all recovery has been pretty great! with exception to the whole "orange boy" situation but whatever... as usual i am sure I'll get over it.

The plan is to resurrect this blog... as well as create a new one that will focus mostly on world travel preparation.

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leksificus maksimus said...

Ahem: You missed two things:

Biking in Santa Monica with Ola
Getting sloshed with a bunch of polacks on 2nd street

I'm proud of you for preparing to do a marathon! I will too, one day.