Monday, May 4, 2009

Five Boro Bike Tour (numero dos)

This year’s bike tour was completely different from last years! It was COLD, WET & MISERABLE! But all in all we managed to have a blast! Twelve of us Stantechies participated in the tour! We started off in great high spirits and ended up with chattering teeth and a high need for a warm shower! I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a hot shower more! Well… maybe that one time when I came home from ZLOT 2000 where I was allowed to shower twice in the two weeks I was there… but that’s a different story!

Half way through the race my brakes stopped working as I was going down a hill in Brooklyn that lead straight into a left hand turn! I just screamed as I was going down and was totally anticipating a complete wipe out… but being the crafty and fast thinker that I am I tried my best to run over as much pot holes as possible and to weave right and left to slow myself down. Once I got down the hill and around the turn safely (only pooping my pants twice) one of my coworkers helped me fix the brake and I was fine for the rest of the ride. The last 15 miles were the worst since the temperature dropped, the rain got heavier and the wind picked up! Then once we got to Staten Island 42 miles later we had to wait out in the cold for the ferry to take us back to the island. I have never been in a place with so many frozen bikers who actually paid to be there! It was a very adventurous yet terrifying experience but I would totally do it again next year!

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